Objectives and goals

Chemical compounds and nanotechnology products will be among the generated additives

Dealing with unstable operating conditions in anaerobic digestion units

The additives created in the context of Additives will include chemicals and nanotechnology products, while the raw materials, used to produce them, will be compounds or minerals that are abundant in Greece. Innovative commercial additives are allegedly capable of responding immediately to the operational requirements of anaerobic digestion units, avoiding unstable operation conditions in several cases and, in particular, problems caused by the seasonality of several supplies.

The purpose of the project is the development of new innovative additional products, as well as the evaluation of commercially available products (additives) which are related to: the improvement of regulatory capacity in anaerobic digestion, the stabilization of anaerobic digestion, and the increase of biomethane production. As part of the project’s implementation, personalized additives for biogas units will be designed and developed, new materials will be used to increase methane production from 10 to 30%, and innovative multi-functional additives that restore stability to the operation of biogas units after destabilization and destabilization will be created, which are going to face different problems at the same time (multi-public).

Innovation and benefits of implementing

This project’s innovation includes two distinct thematic actions. For the first time internationally, new additional anaerobic digestion products will be created which will include combinations of chemicals and nanotechnology products. The second innovative action of the project is commercial, as commercial products will be created for the first time in Greece that will be able to adapt to the functional conditions and supplies in the territory, considering the seasonality of various supplies.

The successful project’s implementation will have multiple benefits for the project’s partners. Particularly for Qlab (coordinator of the project), which will be given the opportunity to significantly extend its activities to an industry, in which she already has extensive experience. The production of new improved additional low-cost additives will increase the competitiveness of biogas units, improve the digested residue by making one marketable product and Qlab will increase its turnover, providing expertise and specialized advice.

In Greece the last few years, significant investments have occurred in the biogas sector and the tendency to install new units is expected to grow in the future therefore, all available organic wastes are essential to ensure their smooth operation. No substrate can be excluded regardless of its properties, whether it is rich in nitrogen, or it contains increased amounts of sulfur, or it contains substances that can inhibit methane in the production of methane at high concentrations.

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